Neighboring Sounds - The Israel Museum Hosts Outstanding Students from JAMD Conservatory

יום שני, 25 מאי 2015, 12:30
הוסף ללוח שנה
The Israel Museum

Outstanding students from the JAMD Conservatory


Enchanting Guitars - from the Studio of Irit Even-Tov

1. M. Mussorgsky, 2 pieces from "Pictures at an Exhibition": the Old Castle, The Ballet of Unhatched Chicks in their Shells
Guitar Ensemble: Yohai Almog (17), Anastasia Witzkhovsky (17), Ilan Lobovsky (16), Yaakov Agranat (16), Guy Hirshberger (15), Idit Burla (17), Barel Mizrahi (15), Roni Zohar-Nethanel (14), Sharon Kowal (15), Naama Dana (16), Yohai Martin-Nissim (14), Teddy Sokolov (14), Eyal Beit-Yossef (14)

2. A. Tansman, Perlude from "Cavatina"
Barel Mizrahi

3. J.S. Bach, Sonata, 3rd movement
Junior Quartet: Barel Mizrahi, Roni Zohar-Nethanel, Naama Dana, Guy Hirshberger

4. J. Turina, Sonata, 1st movement
Roni Zohar-Nethanel

5. F. Mendelssohn, Canzonetta

6. N. Teixaira, Mariquinha Duas Covas
Senior Quartet: Anastasia Witzkhovsky, Yohai Almog, Ilan Lubovsky, Guy Hirshberger

7. J. Duarte, Variations on a Catalan Folk Song
Guy Hirshberger

8. L. Brouwer, Cuban Landscape with Rain
Senior Quartet

9. D. Aguado, Rondo
Anastasia Witzkhovsky

10. R. Dyens, Tunis Tunisie, from the suite "Hamsa"
Guitar Ensemble