Director - Mr. Barak Yeivin
Associate Director - Mr. Ido Azrad
Coordinator of the Dance Department - Ms. Bina Shiloah
Administrative Coordinator- Mr. Assaf Sommer 
Admissions officers - Ms. Michal Cohen-Gelbman, Ms. Tammy Danenberg

The leading and largest establishment of its kind in Israel, and among few worldwide, the Conservatory provides professional training in music and dance of the highest standards for children, from infants to age 18. Many students are granted scholarships based on need and merit.

The Music program offers a full range of solo instrumental instruction and voice, plus instruction in chamber music and jazz, orchestral playing, choral singing, as well as in composition and music theory. The Dance department offers classical and modern training for ages 6-18.

Weekly concerts provide students with a regular venue for public performance. Special gala concerts showcase the Conservatory's outstanding achievements, as many of its students are winners of prestigious national and international competitions and awards, with nascent careers in Israel and abroad (including appearances on Israeli radio and TV). Many of the Conservatory’s alumni have achieved worldwide recognition and are pursuing international careers.

The Conservatory is one of a trio of institutions that form the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance: together with the Academy and its High School, it offers a complete educational program all the way through the graduate level. The Conservatory curriculum is under Ministry of Education supervision.

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News & Events