Individual Practice Rooms – 18 rooms, each with a piano, mostly grand pianos. The rooms are equipped with central air conditioning with individual controls and face the charming neighborhood of Bet Hakerem.




Classrooms – 15 rooms, used by the JAMD High School in the morning and by the Conservatory in the afternoon and evening hours. Each is equipped with a piano and sound system.


Navon Recital Hall – the main concert hall, seating 220 people. On the stage are two Steinway pianos, donated to the Conservatory.



Dance Studios – 2 professional studios with shower rooms attached. 


Choir Studio – an intimate space (65 sqm), used also for lectures, with two Yamaha pianos.


Library – Shared with the High School, the library contains a wide array of scores and books that students can borrow, and a photocopy machine. 




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