Supporting the Conservatory


Music and Dance studies at the Conservatory cultivate students’ creative abilities and engage them in active learning. Group work is highly integrated at the Conservatory – whether a quartet or full orchestra, a pas-de-deux or corps de ballet. To listen and to be aware of others, improves behavior, social skills, reduces aggression and increased tolerance and mutual respect.

Children learn to understand their individual part in a larger ensemble, and how to collaborate to achieve the desired result. This contributes to the cultural education, vibrancy and reputation of Jerusalem. Enhancing the municipal education system brings the arts to the community. However, support from the community is imperative, as many of these children do need your support in helping achieve their goals and reaching millstones.



Tuition is $2,600 per student, per year. Students also require personal musical instruments for use in class and for practice at home, which can be expensive and beyond the financial reach of many families.

Regardless of background, every child deserves an opportunity to learn and play a musical instrument and experience benefits of musical training. However, funding for scholarships and instruments represent on-going critical needs for assistance.

The Conservatory finds it imperative to increase and serve more students, as well as increase space and budget, but can only be made possible with dedicated benefactors.



The budget comprises 3 parts: 80% is currently spent on teachers and salaries, 15% on acquisition of musical instruments and 5% on administration. 

A significant increase will drastically change how The Conservatory can and will impact on the lives of children and their families throughout Jerusalem and the State of Israel.

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