Director - Mr. Barak Yeivin
Associate Director - Mr. Ido Azrad
Coordinator of the Dance Department - Ms. Bina Shiloah
CoordinatorMr. Uri Jacob
Admissions officers - Ms. Michal Cohen-Gelbman, Ms. Tammy Danenberg

The Conservatory is one of three institutions that make up the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Together, they offer professional training of the highest standard through compelling educational programs in music and dance for students from pre-school through to the graduate level. 

In this age of drastic screen time overexposure, education and participation in the arts are imperative to the important development skills in children: including creativity, motor skills, confidence, visual learning, decision making, perseverance, and focus. Children involved in the arts are more likely to be higher achievers and able to be more accountable and learn to work collaboratively with others.

The Conservatory is home to over 800 students ranging in age from 1 to 19 from across Jerusalem, and 86 instructors who are national and international leaders in their fields. Students attending the Conservatory are male, female, Jewish, Arab, secular and religious (including ultra-Orthodox).  They come from families of veteran Israelis and new immigrants (Russian and Ethiopian) and cover the socioeconomic spectrum. In addition, the Conservatory is home to a small number of children with autism and is exploring possibilities for increased cooperation with non-profits who work with autism and other special needs populations. Funding is needed for scholarships for all students who qualify based on need and merit.

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News & Events